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Erreffe Rally Team – Erreffe Rally Team

Erreffe Rally Team

A society that thirteen years takes care of the preparation of Rally Cars.

Its structure provides for a division of labor to deliver to the customer not only the simple hire of the machine, but a full-service, capable of giving competent answers to all activities relating to participation in a single race or to a specific program or to an entire league.

The team operates at a technical level in Piedmont (Italy), where specialized staff, proven expertise, carries out the management of all activities aimed at the development of the car . to the races. The business aspect and administrative and followed by specialized personnel, which also performs direct negotiations with company sponsors of the customers, to which the team can provide professional support to obtain, from their advertising investment, the maximum possible return in terms of visibility of the corporate brand, through racing and rally.

An offer for the pilots is thus not limited to just renting but can, on request, to become a true management system, which is now necessary, they can offer to potential sponsors from the pilots that, in this way, can guarantee a better support to all your marketing activities related to the world of motor racing.

Erreffe Rally Team , thanks to agreements with major companies in the sector can provide, for your customer sports, assistance in provision of specific materials such as, for example, race tires and the technical clothing and, where necessary, also the side by side with professional figures specific and targeted for the tuning and the car that the preparation of the crew.

All this allows us to provide a set of services with seriousness, professionalism and passion that has allowed us, allows us, and will allow us to operate to the best of our ability both in major sporting events, local, regional, national and international with a technical product and commercial high level.