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PayForAResearchPaper.Com – Its collection includes more than 60,000 exhibits. – Erreffe Rally Team

PayForAResearchPaper.Com – Its collection includes more than 60,000 exhibits.

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PayForAResearchPaper.Com – Its collection includes more than 60,000 exhibits.

They stopped at the border old prints from the middle of the nineteenth and early twentieth century. These include: dictionaries and scientific issue; many of them in German – Border Guard said in a statement published on Friday. The smuggler tried to deport them from the Ukraine in two suitcases, which was carrying in the trunk. Books were confiscated. On Thursday, the director of the Lviv Art Gallery Terrace Wozniak announced that its collections were killed almost 100 valuable old books. Lost works were created in the period from the sixteenth to the eighteenth century. Wozniak could not estimate the value of losses, but the press writes up to tens of millions of dollars.

Matter has already addressed the police. “After checking the inventory and collections, which are collected writings created the Cyrillic alphabet, we discovered the lack of 95 586 books, as well as two of the 58 old manuscripts” – Wozniak said at a press conference in Lviv. “It’s obvious that it was stolen years. At least not yet checked antique books in German, Polish and other languages, but they are the most generous when it comes to selling abroad, “- said the director. The news of the missing books Wozniak received on January 3 in the report committee, which inwentaryzowala collection of the Lviv Art Gallery. The next day pulled from the duties of all employees of libraries museums and alerted police, who took over the protection of the collections Gallery. Wozniak directs the Lviv Art Gallery from September last year, when he won the contest for the post of its director.

The facility is considered one of the largest of its kind in Ukraine. Its collection includes more pay for research paper writing than 60,000 exhibits. One of the most important parts of the Lviv gallery is a collection of Polish painting (from the sixteenth century to World War II). Among them are works by Jan Matejko, Gierymski, Chelmonski Joseph, Joseph Mehoffer, and a collection of works by Jacek Malczewski, consisting of 68 paintings and 18 sketches and drawings and watercolors. From Kiev Yaroslav Junko (PAP) Polish National Foundation on Friday presented the details of the information campaign, which aims to, among others, Polish explanation and world public opinion the importance of judicial reform. In a press conference attended among others PFN authorities and the Law and Justice deputy prime minister. The Foundation was established on the initiative of 17 CEOs of the Treasury.

Modern deputy Adam Szlapka argued at a press conference that what he does PFN, “this is propaganda, presenting the position of one party.” Therefore, as announced, Modern has taken a number of formal action. The party has prepared, among others, a letter to the chairman of the National Electoral Commission to check and verify that there is no breach of the law on political parties and political party financing. “PFN acting inconsistently with the Statute of the political party funding” – rated Szlapka. MP presented the letter to the President of the Supreme Chamber of Control with a request for control of the PFN for “activities incompatible with the statute.” “This campaign is an activity incompatible with the statute” – he argued. In a letter written Modern, the PFN “was established to promote and protect the image of the Polish Republic and the economy at home and abroad (…). The Foundation can not conduct political campaign internal to the government or the ruling party.” Szlapka also announced that Modern submit a notice to the prosecutor’s office about the possibility of committing a crime by the Foundation “involving the illegal financing of political parties, ie. Activity incompatible with Art.

24 and Art. 25 of the Law on political parties”. Modern also prepared an application to the Minister of Justice for public information “or PFN actions have been consulted in any way with the Ministry of Justice.” According Szlapki “if they were, then there is no doubt that there is a gigantic scandal.” Modern also prepared an interpellation to the Prime Minister and Justice deputy Beata culture Piotr Glinski, who, he said Szlapka, should be supervised by a foundation. The interpellations Modern asks whether the activity of PFN “is consistent with the statute and declared publicly by Mrs. Prime tasks Foundation. Member of Modern Kamila Gasiuk-Pihowicz stressed that everyone agrees that the Polish courts require reform, but all previous changes that introduced the Law and Justice “boiled down courts to the role of toys in the hands of politicians.” Citizens, as she said, they want to reform the courts, but not one that will lead to the fact that it enters into the hands of politicians. “but all indications are that using billboards, Law and Justice will led just a simple, brutal, partisan campaign money state-owned and will want in this way gain public opinion, and not to discuss anything, “- said Gasiuk-Pihowicz.” the idea of ??driving a hard party campaigns with money in Treasury companies must be called directly scandal billboard “- MEP assessed.

As explained, the company Treasury finance action Polish National Foundation, which in turn finances the campaign. “And this is the thing absolutely scandalous and unacceptable that the money companies of the Treasury were issued on a hard, party propaganda. Such activities may be financed only with the limited resources the party. If hard party campaigns are financed from funds of the Treasury companies State, it is simply robbing Poles “- said Gasiuk-Pihowicz. (PAP) These people zbezczescily one of the most tragic places in the world, if not the symbol of any other tragic place, trying to use them shamelessly to promote some murky ideas that were never really clarified, hurting millions of people whose loved ones there died – told PAP director Cywinski. The main accused in the trial for insulting the Auschwitz memorial Adam B. is likely to be appealed from Wednesday’s judgment, sentencing him to 1.5 years in prison. The Prosecutor Mariusz Slomka asked the court to recorded in the minutes that Adam B. laughed at Tracie communicate and justify the oral judgment. The second defendant sentenced to imprisonment Mikita absolute V. after the verdict was announced, exclaimed: “The court punished us for a work of art, it’s not fair.” See also accused of insulting the Auschwitz memorial sentenced to prison »According to a preliminary declaration of the prosecutor the prosecutor’s office does not intend to appeal . District Court on Wednesday sentenced Auschwitz Adam B. sentenced to 1.5 years in prison, and V. Mikita for 1 year and 2 months. in view of both the sentence including a 10-year ban on pet ownership. the other defendants were sentenced to heavy fines, restriction of liberty or social work.

Everyone must also pay exemplary to the State Museum Auschwitz-Birkenau. on March 24 last year, a group of a dozen people undressed naked and tried to weld together the handcuffs in front of the historic main gate of the former Nazi concentration camp. the crowning gate the inscription “Arbeit macht frei” sign hung cloth with the word Love lo ve (love). Brutally killed a sheep. Another report, this was the kind of artistic expression being anti-war protest. The judgment is invalid. After a meeting of foreign ministers of EU countries Waszczykowski said that other foreign ministers said that the Polish government’s official candidate for the post of European Council President Jacek Saryusz-Wolski. “I emphasized that this is the only official representative of the Polish (candidate) for the position.

Ministers took note of this” – said Waszczykowski dziennikarzom.zobacz also Karczewski Tusk repeatedly spoke critically about the Polish government, “Defense Minister: Russian responsibility for the Smolensk disaster a foregone conclusion “ws decision. RE boss to take the EU leaders who meet Thursday and Friday in Brussels. According to the Minister may take place on Thursday, but also at a later date. According to the head of Polish diplomacy on Monday morning, Foreign Minister of Hungary Peter Szijjarto he had assessed that it was “of the Member State determines who is the official candidate and whom to support,” the selection of the head of the European Council. “For them (Hungarians) in the voting guideline is the position of the nation-state,” – he added Waszczykowski. “Other candidacies that are not supported by Member States, should not be taken into account,” – he said. As stated, if Donald Tusk, applying for extension of the term of office as head of RE, “is not nominated by any Member State, should not be taken into account.” In February, during the informal EU summit in Malta Tusk declared that he is willing to remain president of the European Council for a second 2.5-year term of office. His first term will expire at the end of May, and – in line with the EU treaty – can be renewed. Tusk has the support of the European People’s Party uniting center-right grouping of the countries of Europe, including the PO and PSL.

How rated Waszczykowski, Donald Tusk, only “expressed fancy” remain in post for a second term. “On the other hand it must be someone present, to have someone to support it” – he added minister.zobacz also Macierewicz: Poland does not support individual nomination Tusk »Government spokesman: Tusk could learn from Saryusz-Wolski and absorb knowledge about the EU» He also said that a few days ago talking about the candidacy Jacek Saryusz-Wolski, the head of RE with the British foreign Minister Boris Johnson during their joint visit to Ukraine. “For the British side, it is important that the policies responsible for chairing the European Council would be better in the context of Brexitu (…) Of course, I praised that certainly Jacek Saryusz-Wolski will be better, because it will take into account both the European issues, and the British one . It will be more impartial, neutral and would take care of the interests of all countries concerned “- reported Waszczykowski. Polish government officially declared candidate MEP Jacek Saryusz-Wolski, the head of the European Council on Saturday, sending a note to the president of the Union of Malta today. Under the EU Treaty, the European Council shall elect its chairman by qualified majority for a term of two and a half years; Chairman of the mandate may be renewable once. Formal records relating to the procedure for the nomination of candidates in the Treaty is not. Monday’s meeting of foreign ministers of EU countries was devoted to the common security and defense policy, the EU’s relations with Egypt and the situation in the Western Balkans.

Waszczykowski and Johnson also passed other heads of diplomatic relation with the recent joint visit to Ukraine. As told PAP the duty officer of the Provincial Crisis Management Center, reports to concerned residents on the black cloud of smoke flowing from the border town of Mating, went up there among fire brigades from Wodzislaw Silesia and the Hawk-Zdroj and a group of chemical and environmental rescue from Katowice. “After the test there was no air quality exceedances of the limit values” – stressed duty officer WCZK. On Friday afternoon the head of the Czech Moravian-Silesian firefighters Vladimir Vlczek CzTK agency said that extinguishing a fire at the power plant in Detmarovice will last “at least several tens of hours.” According to firefighters the fire started in the renovated absorber system, which is used for flue gas desulfurization. Four people were hospitalized due to upper respiratory tract ailments, and seven is indicated on the site. A representative energy company CEZ, which manages the plant said that investigators will be able to estimate the loss at the earliest next week. Previously, firefighters spokesman Petr Kudela estimated that losses could be as high as 100 million kronor (16.3 million zl), but this assessment has not been confirmed by CEZ.

Detmarovice Power Station was commissioned in 1975. And generating 800 MW of power is the most powerful coal-fired power plant in the Czech Republic. It is located close to the Polish border. (PAP) Politico reported – citing three sources among European diplomats – that the negotiators of both sides reached a preliminary agreement technical ws. Brexitu conditions. However, as stipulated, the contract was to be so far only approved the technical level negotiators, waiting for political support from the government in London and other countries also czlonkowskich.zobacz: Tusk provides a support for Ireland and the UK has close ties »Brexit 52 percent . Britons would like to remain in the EU. Will there be a second referendum? »Reuters, the” Financial Times “and” The Guardian “reported the evening, however, for their sources, that during the evening the extraordinary meeting of ambassadors of the 27 EU states handed over to diplomats that the two sides still have not reached an agreement.

Among the most important points of contention include resolve the issue of emergency (ang. backstop) for Northern Ireland, which would prevent the return of a hard border between Northern Ireland and Ireland in the absence of a future free trade agreement between Britain and the EU. The first speculation about Sunday’s breakthrough in ongoing since March last year discussions concerning exit the UK from the EU came when the British Ministry. exit from the Community provided the information on the morning of unexpected, emergency meeting in Brussels Dominic Raab minister and chief negotiator of the EU Michel Barnier. Raab had to pass Barnier that currently discussed proposal for Northern Ireland. Would not have obtained the support of the British Parliament – wrote on Twitter George Parker “FT”. On the other hand, Florian Eder of “Politico” he wrote, also on Twitter, that – contrary to earlier reports – the ambassadors said that negotiations with Raab Barnier went “wrong” and, consequently, also canceled a meeting Monday negocjatorow.zobacz also Saryusz-Wolski: EU goes Brexit’s hard, but possible second referendum in Britain »Czaputowicz: Brexit should not weaken security cooperation” Both the European Union and the British government has not commented on the event officially on Sunday speculation regarding the state of negotiations on.

Brexitu. Talks on this issue will continue in the coming days before the scheduled Wednesday and Thursday at the European Council summit in Brussels. As request As told PAP Polish PEN Club president Adam Pomorski, Jerzy Pomianowski died Thursday mornings. “He was one of the last in this generation associates of Jerzy Giedroyc and his + Culture +. He was the heir of ideological Giedroyc when it comes to Polish eastern policy, our relations with Eastern neighbors, the Belarusians, Lithuanians, Ukrainians, Russians. He was also anointed by Giedroyc as editor chief of Novaya + + Polsha published since 1999. in Russian in Warsaw “- noted Pomorski. He emphasized that Pomianowski as a translator, and this was one of the main spheres of literary activity, he made an enormous contribution, including creating a canon of Polish works of Isaac Babel. “He was also a translator of Alexander Solzhenitsyn, primarily + Gulag Archipelago +, but also his other works.