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Erreffe Rally Team – Erreffe Rally Team – Noleggio vetture da rally

Erreffe Rally Team

A society that thirteen years takes care of the preparation of Rally Cars. Its structure provides for a division of labor to deliver to the customer not only the simple hire of the machine

but a full-service, completo, capace di dare competenti risposte a tutte capable of giving competent answers to all activities relating to participation in a single race or a specific program or. to an entire league.


18 July 2016

Rally San Marino

Giovanni Manfrinato e Claudio Condotta debuttano sulla Ford Fiesta R5 made in Erreffe
18 July 2016

Rally del Moscato

Simone Deregibus al Rally del Moscato su Ford Fiesta R5
29 April 2016

Rally del Moscato

Claudio Marenco al Rally del Moscato su Ford Fiesta R5 con Arianna Ravano